What is red candle used for

The red candle gives us authority, vitality and passion. It is the best help for the protection of loved ones, it is the best candle for defense rituals, it gives impulse to situations that need a quick resolution, acting also in the financial part.

The red candle is related to blood, as well as representing strength. It also symbolizes the struggle, the desire to live overcoming difficulties and initiate new projects. In this post we’ll teach you more about the meaning of the red candle and what it represents – find out!

What does red candle symbolism

Red is the color of strength, blood and violence, and it is also a positive element because that well-channeled force and energy provide energy to continue with the projects no matter how difficult they may be.

The candle of red color is linked to all those aspects that enhance and enhance the physical characteristics ~ material yearnings of men (virility, strength, Youth and authority).

Red candles are also very effective at regenerating and activating something that is stagnant or dead. If there is a personal or professional project that has not just begun, with a red candle you may be able to give it a boost.

Red is also the color of success and triumph. If you need to bring good luck into your life, light a red candle.

There is a potential in red that goes beyond love. If you put red candles in your house, you will see how you will gain the strength to face any vital challenge.

The color red attracts all kinds of positive energy and thanks to it you will find the motivation to achieve what you set out to do. If you combine more than one red candle, you will reinforce its powers and transmit more lucidity.

Apart from all these emotions that are beneficial to the soul, red is synonymous with love and sensuality. If you want to get the love of your life, strengthen your relationship or even strengthen sexual attraction, opt for this tone. It is a tone full of warmth that will help you overcome and succeed on the sentimental plane.

red candle burn meaning

More information about uses red candle

Flower: the flower par excellence that establishes the greatest relationship with the red candle is the red carnation, for its strength, endurance and beauty.

Time: The best time to begin the invocation is noon, when the maximum strength of the Sun is shown. If possible, it is best to wait to burn the red candle on Tuesdays at noon in the spring months: the help will come stronger and faster.

Number: the number three corresponds to the symbology in the celebration of this ritual, because it represents the trinity: soul, mind and body. You can use a sheet of paper marked with the number 3 in front of the red candle to perform the ritual.

Perfume and incense: the carnation perfume will be the one to be used by the person performing the invocation ritual. Carnation incense should be burned during the ritual to cleanse the atmosphere and fill it with positive energy.

Stone: the stone that best represents the red candle is garnet, a crystallized mineral that concentrates the force of nature to which aphrodisiac effects are also attributed.

Plant: the symbol of strength in plants is their ability to fight and survive. In this case, any plant whose stem or fruit has thorns, that is spicy or that irritates those who touch it perfectly symbolizes the spirit of the red candle.

Health: the energy of the red candle covers the whole organism, although it is worth mentioning the protection it exerts on the sexual organs, excretory apparatus and head.

The best day to burn your candles to attract what you want:

Tuesday is the right day to perform the red candle ritual. It is a day of struggle after which victory comes, so it is said to be the day of soldiers and missionaries.

This candle also increases magnetism when used in a ritual with the same objectives. The energy of the signs of Aries and Scorpio favors the light of this candle.

Because it is an emergency candle, it can be burned at any time. But the day that combines most with the energy of that candle is Tuesday and Wednesday.

But you need to be careful: it is a very energetic candle and its excess can be harmful. Excess energy can bring agitation, nervousness, stress and insomnia. Use this candle only when necessary. After using it 7 times in a row, it is suggested to take a 7-day break and seek a balance of energies with other candles such as pink, white or blue.

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