Meaning of the color Purple Candle and why we use it

The purple candle is related to the capacity of sacrifice, spirituality, as well as to all legal aspects and that integrate in some way the concept of authority.

The color purple has been used since time immemorial by cardinals, popes, sovereigns and high hierarchs, as it symbolizes the aura that favors contact with the higher planes of consciousness. It is a very spiritual color, identified with meditation, so it contributes to unblocking and serves to achieve personal achievements. In this post we will explain the meaning of purple candles.

What it means to burn a purple candle

Using purple candles helps to overcome obstacles and blockages that appear in daily life to achieve proposed goals such as a good job. When you burn a candle of this color, it will illuminate the way destroying the impediments that arise.

  • Purple is the color of spirituality. The purple candle is linked to the chakra of fire, helping in the purification of our being.
  • It increases our capacity for sacrifice and perseverance.
  • The violet candle is widely used in purification and protection rituals.
  • When the ritual is performed with the purple candle, it acts on the pancreas and endocrine metabolism, arterial circulation and blood purification.
  • It can contribute to freeing people from all kinds of vices: cigarettes; alcohol; drugs; and depressions induced by this type of dependence.
  • With the purple candle you can purify your astral field and burn the negative energies that surround the environment.

Special characteristics of the ritual with the purple candle

Day: the most suitable day for the celebration of the rite with the purple candle is Thursday, the day of the renewal of the spirit.

Flower: the jasmine is the flower of vocation and spiritual strength, the most suitable to place on the altar of ceremonies during the celebration of the ritual of the purple candle.

Time: the first hour of the afternoon, a very suitable time for reflection, is the best time for the celebration of ritual ceremonies presided over by the purple candle.

Number: the five is the magical number that represents the force of the power of inspiration, the five-pointed star, with undeniable cabalistic connotations. It symbolizes the union of earth and sky. It is convenient to write the number 5 on a blank sheet to perform the ritual with the purple candle.

Perfume and incense: It is convenient to pour a few drops of jasmine essence in your hands before starting the rite and burn incense of the same smell in the room where the invocation takes place since this reinforces the channel of mystical communication with the higher or spiritual plane.

Stone: turquoise is the stone of mystics, of all those who wish to reach a high spiritual level. It is composed of aluminum sulphate and some copper; it presents a precious greenish blue color and is considered a talisman stone.

Plant: it is convenient to place a dandelion plant on the altar since its roots are medicinal.

Astrological sign: Sagittarius and Pisces are the astrological signs most directly related to the purple candle. The first is the symbol of philosophy and religious vocations. Those born under this sign combine the fighting spirit.
Pisces is the representation of sacrifice, humility and sensitivity. Those born under this sign are useful people, with mystical tendencies, some geniuses and stand out for the possibility of acting as mediators between the space-time reality and the beyond.

Ritual with purple candle to achieve goals:

If you feel that your projects are stuck and you don’t know how to move forward, practice this ritual and you will attract many positive energies.

Light a purple candle in a container containing salt, then on a piece of paper draw a triangle with the top pointing north, and on the paper write your name. Then place the candle over the triangle and light a lavender leaf and extinguish it immediately. Concentrate on the flame and observe which direction it points:

  • North: You need to concentrate on your personal development.
  • South: You need to stabilize, find a place of your own, or move house.
  • East: He recommends you focus on your professional career.
  • West: Love in your life needs more priority. Approach your family.

Ritual with purple candles to achieve concentration

On the left side of your place of study or work, light 3 purple candles. Then close your eyes and say out loud: “My soul is calm, my mind is clear, let wisdom enter me…” Then blow out one of the candles with your fingers and let the others burn out while you do your homework. Doing this will create a quiet environment where you can achieve a high degree of concentration.

Types of purple candles for rituals

You must also take into account the shape of the candles because there are many varieties, which are useful for certain rituals or requests:

Cylindrical candles are the most common and the most used in all kinds of rituals with a specific objective.

The square sails are used in rituals of opens specific ways and to destroy obstacles. Each one of the corners or peaks that has the candle will represent each one of the necessities to open or to attract the luck.

Purple pyramid-shaped sails are used in reinforcement rituals to enhance other rituals already performed.

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