Orange color candle meaning

The orange candle represents the sun, although in some mystical traditions the orange is related to Mercury. It is a very useful color when we need energy and creativity. It fights depression and apathy, encourages artistic and sporting activities. It is a revitalizer of the whole organism, but mainly helps to protect and restore the heart, spine, spleen, duodenum, sight and fertility. Below you can learn more about the symbolic and spiritual meaning of orange candles. Read on to get to know them!

Orange candle symbolism and spiritual meaning

orange candle meaning

Orange is a symbol of youth, modernity, openness, joy and appetite. It awakens the will to live, increases self-esteem and motivation to act.  This color is not recommended for people who feel lonely and lost. 

  • Improves person-to-person contact and communication
  • Increases ability to cope with daily difficulties
  • It helps you to enjoy the smallest gestures: the joy of life. The orange candle and also the yellow candle are the candles of happiness.
  • It helps you to get closer to your goal or desire, for example, to attract a partner.
  • It helps you to break your inner stubbornness.
  • Lighting an orange candle gives you clarity to achieve a defined goal, leads to success;
  • It helps to clarify and define the goal we will strive for.
  • Light an orange candle when you need good mental performance and creativity.
  • It is a suitable candle for all matters related to work, new businesses; it is the candle of activity and stimulation.
  • It is the energetic candle par excellence, causes great changes, brings optimism and joy. The orange candle symbolizes twilight and vitality.
  • Symbolizes vitality, sunset
  • Gives optimism and joy – Gives energy
  • Promotes sexual activity and material love, femininity and friendship
  • Nervous stimulant: gives a holy and constructive spirit, brings courage, strength in love, activity in financial matters
  • The orange candle amplifies the rituals of psychological reconstruction and makes it possible to provoke great changes. It brings strength and courage to business as well as love.

When is the best time to light an orange candle?

Other important facts about the orange candle

The best times to use an orange candle are in the morning at dawn, at noon and in the late afternoon. These moments of the day are ideal for touching the channel and stimulating energy, recovery, allows you to bring optimism and joy into your life.

Vibratory Day: Sunday
Star sign: Leo
Planet: The Angel of the Sun


  • The orange candle has enormous power, so think carefully about what intention you want to light and whether you can cope with the results.
  • Burning an orange and red candle in a ritual brings more love and joy into the relationship. See more: What is red candle used for
Finally, it should be mentioned that natural beeswax candles are the best for all rituals, they are mass colored, so the desired color is not only on the outside of the candle, but also on the inside. These candles are free of negative energy, thanks to which they have a very high vibration which strongly strengthens each ritual so that it can be carried out at the highest level of energy. What, unfortunately, cannot be expected from the publicly available paraffin candles, which are petroleum products with low vibrations.

orange candle spiritual uses

Ritual for abundance and prosperity with orange candle

If you have economic, financial problems or need to earn more money, here is a simple ritual to bring abundance into your life for seven days invoking the power of Archangel Uriel.

You need to:

  1. Incense to choose from: myrtle or lavender
  2. 7 orange candles
  3. A glass of water, which will be used when you light the candle, will ask you to absorb all the negative energy from your home or business.

We begin this ritual by handwriting this prayer to Archangel Uriel on a blank sheet of paper:

Prayer to Archangel Uriel for prosperity and abundance with orange candles

*I am perfect abundance. I am Wealth in Peace. I am Light. I deserve to be loved. I deserve to be happy. I deserve to be financially free. I know that God loves me, that the Angels love me and that the Light Guides love me.

Today begins my Liberation from economic bondage. May the Archangel Uriel fill me with gifts from God in the Material and in Wisdom.

I apologize if I despised money or if I judged someone for their money. I definitively cancel my prejudices regarding wealth.

I surrender right now all my lack, my mistakes and my way of seeing wealth, to transform it into Material Abundance for me.
and for everyone. May it be so, through the Archangel Uriel, amen.


  1. Light the incense
  2. Place the glass of water next to the incense.
  3. Light the candle to invoke the Archangel Uriel saying the prayer
  4. And put the blade next to it.
  5. Repeat 6 more days.


Orange candles contain some of the energy of red candles and some of the energy of yellow candles. The color orange is used in rituals to improve concentration, mental clarity and to avoid problems in monetary matters.

Orange candles are recommended in rituals to ask for help in making decisions, as well as in cases where flexibility is needed to deal with any situation. They are used to achieve harmony in life, avoiding explosions. They bring a mixture of joy and serenity very useful to neutralize jealousy in business and money problems.

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