What is the meaning of Silver Candles?

Silver candles represent reflection and spirituality, they are the necessary candles to open paths full of hope and good decisions. It has the same capabilities of the blue color, since the two colors evoke good decisions and reflection.

The Egyptian gods believed that our bones were made of silver, so it is related to our spirit and the mystical.
Silver evokes the energy needed to connect with our innermost being, with what we crave and desire most, regardless of what sometimes suits us. In this publication you will learn much more about the meaning of silver candles for you to use at the right time.

What are silver candles for?


Homemade rituals performed with silver candles are quite effective as long as they are performed according to the guidelines specified in the ritual itself. It is necessary to have clear the objective to obtain, opening the ways emotionally, eliminating the personal obstacles that impede to advance, fears to consolidate a relation of pair, etc. Generally they are used accompanied by white candles in those rituals that try to cleanse or eliminate negativity to achieve purposes.

When silver candles are used to open paths of white magic on a spiritual level, it is convenient to accompany them with blue candles, as these enhance everything related to spirituality and the positive personality of the human being. Also they are used in professional rituals of white magic to attract the good luck, in this type of spells orange candles are used as accompaniment.

Elements that attract silver energy

As elements to be used with silver candles we will first take into account the mysticism included in these candles and therefore we will need to use elements that attract mystical energy.

  • Silver is the metal that attracts energy by its color, we should not confuse the choice of this metal with the attraction of money, because as we have already noticed, this color has nothing to do with it.
    However, silver has mystical energy and reflection, as well as magnetism and attraction to good decisions.
  • The stellar element could not be other than the Moon, which is the satellite of our planet and depending on whether it is in a phase of growth, full or waning, drives some forces or others.
  • Tuesday is the day chosen in white magic because it is the most appropriate day for invocations, both spiritual and inner search that is what attracts silver. The best time to do this ritual is the morning of dawn, when you still see the shadow of the moon caressing the sky, and we have the tranquility we need and everyone sleeps while we attract what we need.
  • Red roses are the strongest, although they do not have the color that gives off the energy we desire, they have the strength to sustain our ritual.
  • The number nine is the number chosen for this ritual.
  • The planet is Mars, the reason is that this planet realizes the dreams we need to carry out our ritual.

Rituals with silver candles


To invoke spirituality and lunar energy, rituals with silver candles are very useful for times when you need peace of mind to think.

Ritual with silver candles to start projects

The planet Mars also exerts its influence through the color silver and gray, its strength and power to be the God of War will give you energy to start new projects or to defeat your enemies.

One Tuesday at dawn, in a place where no one bothers you, light 5 silver candles, one in the center and another around each cardinal point. Write on paper your wish for your new projects using positive words, wrap it around a silver object and squeeze it firmly into your left fist. After 9 minutes, blow out the candles with the silver object and keep the paper close to your heart.

Ritual with silver candles to bless others

On a wooden altar he places a bouquet of roses whose number is equal to the number of people he wishes to help. Then he lights 9 silver candles and proceeds to make a personal prayer for each person who takes the flower and places its stem in water. At the end the candles are extinguished with your fingers.

Ritual with silver candles to ask the spirits for answers

Be careful, not everyone can connect with the spiritual world, it takes years of practice and concentration, absolute conviction and possession of the channeled and open inner energies for our spirit to disconnect and contact the higher forces. If you are inexperienced, this ritual will help you meditate and rest.

When the sun begins to rise on the horizon and even under the influence of Mars in the sky. Light 9 silver candles around you in a circle. Also leave a burning sandalwood incense to unlock your inner energies. Sit down and look into infinity, let your gaze get lost in the empty space. Clear your mind of all thoughts and allow the spirits around you to whisper to you.

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