The great meaning of the black candle

Black candles have always been associated with darkness, with the bad and the negative, but what you don’t know is that black candles also have a positive meaning and can attract good energies and be used in white magic rituals. We recommend that each time you light a black candle, it is lit at the same time with a white candle, and we will tell you why.

You should be very clear that the meaning of the black candle varies according to the person who uses it and the intentions it has, because some people tend to use black candles for positive or negative things. In this post we will talk about the meaning of black candles and then it will be your responsibility to use it as you wish.

What do black candles mean?

the benefit of black candles

The most popular meaning of black candles in witchcraft relates to bad things, negative energies, the occult, mourning and death, the forbidden, night and darkness, but also the black candle has the ability to absorb the negative energies that other people want to transmit, so it is often lit along with a white candle to protect against the negative, envy and evil eye.

On the other hand, when black candles are used in a tomb, it means pointing the way between shadows and darkness for the person who died.

Meaning of black candles when burned

When a black candle is lit until it burns, it absorbs all negative energies, eliminates them, and also guides us when there is darkness.

The most common use of black candles when burning is in rituals of protection against evil deeds that want to harm and send evils to a person and fight against black magic. As mentioned above, these black candles are always used together with other candles, especially white ones to enhance their effect.

What’s the black candle for?

As mentioned above, the black candle is used as a protection next to the white candle to remove the evil eye and envy; and also to purify the house and clean it of bad vibrations, but if you want to achieve a better effect, you must perform this ritual in the morning. You can also use a grey candle instead of the black and white candles.

The black candle is also used to keep someone away from you because it brings nothing into your life and transmits negative energy. To do this you must light a black candle along with a yellow candle and you will see that within a few days the person will move away from you.

Rituals with black candles

the power of the black candle

Ritual with black candles to protect against the evil eye

At midnight on a Wednesday, circle your house with salt, then walk very slowly toward the center of the house, and on a plate light three black candles. Close your eyes and mentally ask the moon for its protective mantle, for your house and your family. Remain silent for seven minutes and then blow out the candles with your fingers. With this ritual you will always be protected.

Spell to attract money with the black candle:

The spell is simple, you must have a coin that has a face on one side and a number on the other, preferably a peso or dollar.
Light the black candle and place the coin with the number down. He mentions the following words: “Money comes to me, there is no block, nothing stops, everything continues, there is no brake. Then he leaves the candle burning for about ten minutes.
He places the coin with the number facing up and mentions these words: “It flows, it opens, it comes to me. Repeat the sentence three times and leave the coin like this until the sail is completely exhausted. Then take the remains of the candle and the coin and cover them with a yellow paper, that paper puts it inside your bag or in some chest where you keep the money. You will see that you will never have money problems again.

Where to buy black candles for white magic rituals

When buying black candles for use in any ritual, it is necessary that we make sure to buy them in prestigious esoteric shops to guarantee their quality. The colour of the candle should be deep black, grey candles are not useful, as they are used for different purposes despite their dark tonality.

There are many shades of black, but in this type of rituals deep blacks are used. It is also important to consider the timing of ritualizing or preparing black candles and not immerse them in liquids as you do with other candles, as this would nullify their energy.

Other important facts about the black candle

Planet: Saturn
Day: Saturday
Chakras: Root
Astrological sign: Capricorn ruled in aquarium
Numerology: 8 and 13

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