What is the meaning of the Golden Candles?

Gold candles are the candles of success, their color is the color of money and inevitably reminds us of gold, which is associated with success. That is why golden candles inevitably remind us of the desire to succeed in something, the brightness of the sun, which is undoubtedly also represented in this color. The Sun has always been a star admired by many religions and in different parts of the planet, so it has always had an important meaning among us, because without it we could not live and because its contribution to the level of energy is essential.

They are candles that are considered to open paths and unlike other candles that close obstacles, golden candles try to open and expand your being, your aura, your spirit, opening the path necessary to achieve everything. They are synonymous with courage, power, abundance and leadership. It is the color that the Egyptian gods wore in their clothes feeling strong, it is an ostentatious color and lighting a candle like this only makes sense if we want to illuminate our future and our way of achieving absolute success. Below you will learn all about the meaning of golden candles.

Elements of golden candles

symbolism of golden candles

In all rituals we need to rely on some elements with a special energy to support the power of our candles, from stones to the influence of planets or stars through the force of numbers or the day of the week. In the case of golden candles the supporting elements are the following:

  • As a pyrite stone is used but also sometimes amber, with the stones we reinforce the energy that transmits the color and therefore we choose stones of that tone. Pyrite is more appropriate than amber, but both are valid.
  • In this case we do not have a planet but the central star of our solar system: the Sun, which illuminates the rest of the planets, therefore there is no greater expression of success than the one that illuminates us.
  • Thursdays are the day of success in business and are therefore associated with a request for general success.
  • As for flowers, although any yellow flower is very valid, the truth is that yellow roses take the leading role giving good energy for everything related to power.
  • As for the time, it is best to do these rituals in the morning to let the Sun illuminate our desires in broad daylight.
  • The number chosen is four because it is a number associated with economic success according to white magic.

Golden candles and their effectiveness

Some golden candles, depending on their shape and size, can be used to try to pass selective tests, both theoretical and practical exams, competitive examinations, and so on. In this case the normal thing is to accompany them of yellow candles to try to harness the knowledge and the security in ourselves.

These roads open specific white magic to pass tests, must always be done the day immediately prior to the completion of the exam or test, if possible the night before. In many cases the ritual results in an amulet that the person must carry the day of the test in a pocket or hanging. This amulet must be prepared as indicated in the spell.

Rituals with golden candles

golden meaning candle

Rituals for immediate cash.

Although this ritual is for getting money quickly, its effects are best when performed on a Thursday. It consists of taking two golden candles, spreading cinnamon and lighting the flame on a round table with myrrh around it.

Rituals for business prosperity.

You should take a golden candle and light it in a place that is near the entrance of the business, since the idea is to attract many customers. If you want to increase profits quickly, it is recommended to form the image of a triangle with three golden candles – previously bathed in cinnamon – in a place next to the register box.

Rituals for a successful business.

Another ritual that can help a business succeed quickly – especially when it is a new establishment and needs to be consolidated – is to place a golden candle at different points so that the energies of prosperity move from one end to the other. Before signing orders or contracts, it is recommended to light a golden candle the night before and make the petition for success.

Rituals with golden candles so that the money arrives forever.

Light a large golden candle, place some coins next to it, and make a petition with a prayer like this: “God, Father, allow all the money I attract to come into my life effectively and hastily, and that every day I may live in abundance. Then, place the coins in a small red bag and store them in the place where you have all your most precious and expensive garments. These coins can also be stored in a secret space inside your purse.

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