What does blue candle mean

blue candle meaning

The first thing you should look for in a candle is its color. More important than the material from which it is made, the color will direct the energy of the candle towards a certain intention. You need to make sure that it is the same intention that you have. In conclusion you and the candle need to be in the same direction.

In this post you will discover the power and meaning of blue candles. The blue candle is related to calmness and reflection. It is perfect to bring serenity to your home. What other things is the blue candle used for?

What is blue candle used for

Lighting a blue candle attracts calm, serenity and relaxation for you and is an excellent help to achieve concentration and meditation.

It is important that you know that the meaning of the color of the blue candles changes according to the intensity of the blue you choose:

Light blue candle meaning

The sky blue candle is related to justice, memory and inspiration.

The light blue candles leave us the feeling of fullness that we feel when we are reclining in a green field, breathing deeply and looking at a clear blue sky that gives us the sensation of peace that we need.

The sky blue is a color that gives peace, it is one of the colors that best evokes purity along with white. For that reason, light blue candles help us to have peace to reach a state of consciousness free of prejudice in our desires.

Let’s not forget that the candles absorb and let flow through the space in which they find the power that color gives them, in such a way that lighting a light blue candle is the way to fill the atmosphere of peace to think.

What does a dark blue candle mean

The dark blue candle is related to the negative, the bad vibrations, the sadness, and the depression.

For that reason, when lighting a blue candle, be careful with what you want to evoke, otherwise you will attract contrary powers and emotions.

We recommend that you light blue candles in light tones to take advantage of the benefits of this candle.

What is the right time to burn a blue candle?

The mystical powers evoked by the blue candle are related to tranquility and serenity. For that reason, when you light it in your home or place of work you are invoking love, fidelity, sincerity and hope. So, what is the ideal time to burn it?

The blue candle is perfect after having argued with another person, because it will help make the reconciliation quick and sincere.

By lighting a blue candle you will also be invoking patience and diplomacy, achieving greater understanding with yourself and with others.

If you want to achieve a great concentration, light a blue candle, it is good to achieve greater success in studies and business.

More interesting things about the blue candles that you should know

It is an eminently masculine color related to sensitivity, both in its spiritual and physical aspects. From the blue comes the action of conquest, the intention to establish a stable and lasting union. It is one of the basic colors of the chromatic range and that gives it strength and authenticity in all the actions it undertakes.

  • Flower: the poppy and the lilac are the recommended flowers because they represent the passion for love.
  • Number: the number corresponding to the ritual in which the blue candle is used is 6, related to Venus, the goddess of love. It represents the absolute capacity to love.
  • Perfume and incense: as in the case of the flower, the perfume with which the hands should be rubbed and spread in the ceremony, as well as the incense that should be burned while it lasts, are those of the lila, symbol of beauty.
  • Stone: evidently, the stone most related to the blue color is lapis lazuli. Of great beauty and attractiveness, this stone of dark blue color is the ideal instrument to attract the spiritual peace and the divine flow of love towards the heart of the people.
  • Health: the light blue candles protect all the phonation organs (vocal cords, larynx, pharynx, throat) as well as the back of the skull (nape) and the cervical vertebrae.
  • Astrological sign: those born under the signs of Taurus and Libra are those protected by the action of the blue candle. The first represents the material stability while Libra is the sign of harmony and reconciliation, related to sentimental matters.

How to use blue candle

How to do the ritual?

You can use blue candles to do rituals that attract good energies

You can burn it when you need to clean the home or office, to eliminate negative energies: like envy, strengthen relationships and drive away enemies who want to hurt you.

Here we show you two rituals to harmonize the energies of the home with blue candles.

Light a blue candle in each room of your house, do the same in the common areas; in this way you evoke patience, tranquility and peace in every corner of your home.

Draw a circle with salt around your house and place a blue candle at each cardinal point, wait until all the candle is consumed and bury the wax in the garden in those same 4 points. In this way you convert your home into a good refuge and provide protection to all who live there.

Day: the best day to light a blue candle is Friday, because it is the day when the rite will be more likely to reach its goal, since that day Aphrodite (goddess of love) reinforces its ability to exert an influence Positive in the sensuality of lovers.

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